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I was diagnosed with Remitting-Relapsing MS in 1987.  Through the years I’ve had several exacerbations that have left me blind, numb from top of head to bottom of foot, bed-ridden, in wheelchair, can’t even hold a pen to write, couldn’t bath, get dressed/undressed by myself or even feed myself.  I started on Avonex and was on this for 8 years.  Switched to different meds over the years.

Fast forward to current time, around November 2017,  I had an immediate onset of chronic fatigue which  plagued my life.  I was literally sleeping 20 hours a day.  It greatly impacted my daily life & career. Shortly after onset I developed migraines, which I’ve never had a day in my life.  I started migraine meds to help control them.  I thought perhaps all of this was due to overwhelming stress of losing my mom in February 2017 and stress from work, I figured it would go away with time.  As the months went by,  nothing was changing and thought I better contact my neuro to let him know what’s going on.  He ordered MRI and it showed no new lesions. He mentioned it could be pseudo MS. What the what? Never heard of such a thing…… evidently it’s true.

Over the course of several months and a lot of lost time at work,  I was slowly noticing I was forgetting to do certain protocols for my job and forgetting how to process certain documents at the same time working in a toxic & extremely stressful environment.  Mind you, I work in HR, there is no room for error. I had been written up at this point, twice because of this.  Left hand started getting tingly, sometimes numb, weak & slowly started creeping up my arm.   I was continuously on a downward spiral and I was fearing what I was facing.  I contacted my neuro again to do something about my situation at work as I feared I was going to get fired.  He put me on a leave of absence starting August 2018. I was immediately started on  5 sessions of  I.V. steroid treatment (Prednisone).  I was so relieved that I could sleep without fearing of losing my job and take care of myself I so desperately needed.  Evidently being my Mom’s caregiver for the past 6 years while working fulltime, being a single mom & watching her pass away took a huge toll on me.

I was so grateful to have a home health team- speech therapist, occupational therapist,  nurse & social worker.  I had developed chronic short term memory loss,  severe brain fog,  sleeping 20 hours a day,  little to no appetite & saw myself slipping down the long dark rabbit hole.

At this point I knew I had to take back control of my health & my body but I didn’t know how.  I was sick & tired of feeling sick & tired.  How many of you can relate to this?

During the month of October 2018, went in for another MRI (with & without contrast) , cat scan & ultrasound. It was revealed on my sacrum area I have 4-5 lesions, one of which is walnut sized, the others smaller.  Then I had a biopsy done.  Neuro took me off Gilenya in fear the lesions are cancerous, due to my history of thyroid cancer & decreased liver marker,  per findings in blood work.  He also revealed to me that the MS has progressed from RRMS to SPMS & that there are no current FDA meds on the market to help treat SPMS. Though in 1st quarter of 2019 a new drug called Siponimod will be released,  showing in clinical trials has great benefit of slowing progression for active SPMS…..1st of its kind for this form of Multiple Sclerosis.

For the past several months I’d been researching what types of foods  I should be eating and what not to eat.  There’s so many different conflicting answers out there so I decided to take that information as a base line and begin the trial & error phase beginning on new year’s day 2019.

I cut out certain foods,  and slowly noticed I was gaining a little more energy. As I then realized that food is medicine.  Then I wondered….are there natural supplements I could be taking  along with the foods I am consuming and enhance my energy levels to begin healing my body from the inside out. Again so many different answers out there, I didn’t know which ones were right for me, so I put it on the back burner for now.

Meanwhile,  several months have gone by without knowing if the lesions on sacrum are cancerous or not, still not on any meds and majority of my symptoms are not letting up.

Finally, after working with Endocrinologist, Neurologist and , primary care physician (PCP) I got clearance to proceed with new Multiple Sclerosis meds when released from FDA and get my LOA from work has been extended to see if Siponimod clears up current symptoms.

One late February evening I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an advertisement to become a holistic & wellness coach.  It definitely peeked my interest, so I went to website and checked out the company and what they had to offer.  After taking a couple weeks thinking about it I decided that the companies beliefs and teaching protocol about mind + body + spirit is best practicum to heal the whole body naturally.  This line of work also goes along with my self-help book Blue Fingers, Brass Knuckles – The Power of Inspiration, Faith, Courage & Love. Covering my story of Multiple Sclerosis, thyroid cancer,  weight loss surgery and severe anemia.

I truly want to help others. I have spent years researching information on MS and  uncovered all the correct questions to ask your team of Doctors, especially for newly diagnosed patients. So I signed up, soon will be  graduating from IAWP, to be a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and Well360 Leader.

I’m truly excited to share with others MSers  how to take back control of your health and increase your energy levels, the natural holistic way. By incorporating the correct foods, exercise and a total Wellness 360 approach for long lasting transformation.

I only wish I had known about this year’s ago as I would not have to go through all I’ve endured.  But what I’ve been through has only made me stronger as a person & determined to combat this ugly disease, also known as the snowflake disease, the butterfly (icon) disease.  And for that, I’m truly grateful, for I am now full of wisdom and on the right path to living my best life with vitality & abundance.

Living a healthy life you love is right around the corner


About Me:

– Master Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach with the IAWP
– Wellness 360™ Coach
– Specializing in empowering women with MS to combat fatigue, increase energy levels and improve overall health, naturally so that you can live life with vitality and abundance.

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