Health & Well-being: Take Care of Your Body

With having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1987 I have learned there are different forms of body therapies that help support health & well-being.

The following list is what I currently practice and how they help:

  1. Exercise-I walk each day, minimum 30 minutes. When I first started out with chronic fatigue I could barely walk from my bedroom to the bathroom. A little bit each day builds up energy levels, boosts circulation, strengthens the heart, improves digestion, moves the lymphatic system to improve immunity, and stretches out the body.
    I also roller skate at my local rink. (I used to be a competitive speed skater). Great cardio workout.
    I even get a good workout cleaning the house -I dance while vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom/kitchen. I workup a good sweat doing this. And it makes cleaning fun!
  2. My diet consists of clean, organic whole-foods that provide Phytonutrients (plant-based), which is referring to the antioxidants and healing compounds found in plants, which is beyond just vitamins and minerals. It provides the power to enhance health and restore wellness through adequate consumption of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains and healing herbs in my diet. It’s true “you are what you eat”.  Food is my medicine. My overall health & well-being relies on healthy and nutritious foods.
  3. I also take herbal supplements, to further boost my overall health & wellness, including specific supplements for my ailments, for my individual bio-chemistry. This is known as herbology-studying/researching and using plants as medicine.
  4. I am about to experience acupuncture for the first time next month (May, 2019) for my knee, which has osteoarthritis, torn meniscus x2, and general MS inflammation/weakness.
  5.  Aromatherapy – has been my go-to daily, especially when I need a pick me up, reduce inflammation, improve my concentration, reduce brain-fog and my overall well-being. My favorite essential oils  are: Lavender, Thrive, Anxiety Ease, Bergamot, Chill Pill, Stress Relief.  The blends are great to relieve multiple ailments at once. For sleep I recommend Lavender with a carrier oil, in the diffuser. You can also dilute lavender essential oil with water and spray your pillow/bedding to create calmness and serenity to aid in falling and staying asleep easier. I have the largest diffuser on the market, keep it in my living room and it permeates throughout my house.

I attribute all of these modalities working together in synergy to create my health & well-being, so I can live life with vitality and abundance. You can create this for yourself, too!


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