Client Success Stories

Client Success Story Marji

I am newly diagnosed with MS (January 2019) and my biggest area of difficulty was leg weakness and fatigue. By working with Jen, I learned how to modify my workouts and adding the proper supplements I am now less fatigued to start my day and I have longer lasting energy throughout the day. I am also more aware of when I need to rest and refuel.

The breakthrough’s I experienced is that I realized I can still stay active despite life with MS.

I truly loved all the resources Jen provided and her encouragement to research different diets to find what worked for me.

“Anyone who feels overwhelmed by loss of energy or has been newly diagnosed with MS and is looking for answers, often how to modify their lifestyle would benefit working with Jen.” ~Marji

Client Success Story Mariella

I was diagnosed with RRMS several years ago. Before working with Jen I was struggling with my eating habits, and now that I have received the guidance I was looking for I found that most of the food I was eating was inflammatory which is not good for MS.

I now feel less bloated, I lost approximately 8 pounds and 2 dress sizes and I am experiencing a bit more energy after changing my diet and adding supplements.

The breakthroughs I’ve experienced is realizing the right types of foods to eat, supplements to take and self-care is very important.

After working with Jen, I am feeling GREAT and SUCCESSFUL because I’ve applied all the recommendations I received. I feel more and more accomplished as the days go by.

The guidance and support I received in relation to food and my eating habits was of most help to me about Jen’s program The MS Energy Blueprint. The most difficult was stopping the consumption of sugar, but by using the “adding-in method” Jen showed me, I was able to do it!

“I think anyone that is dealing with ANY type of DISEASE where eating habits affect it, would benefit working with Jen.” ~ Mariela

Client Success Story-Rashele

I was diagnosed with Remitting-Relapsing MS on May 29, 2018, Prior to working with Jen I was experiencing lowered energy levels and sticking to eating well after a bad MRI, showing new lesions on my brain.

My energy has improved a bit, but would have been much better if I don’t keep falling off track a bit.  It’s hard to say no to good food.

Jen’s program The MS Energy Blueprint is pretty awesome and offers way more than I ever expected.

Now, I feel better and more prepared to continue on with all the great resources I got from Jen. The most helpful about the program was to talk it all out and have the resources to refer back to.

“For those wanting more knowledge about controlling their MS better would benefit from Jen’s program.” ~Rashele




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