Client Success Stories

Client Success Story Marji

I am newly diagnosed with MS (January 2019) and my biggest area of difficulty was leg weakness and fatigue. By working with Jen, I learned how to modify my workouts and adding the proper supplements I am now less fatigued to start my day and I have longer lasting energy throughout the day. I am also more aware of when I need to rest and refuel.

The breakthrough’s I experienced is that I realized I can still stay active despite life with MS.

I truly loved all the resources Jen provided and her encouragement to research different diets to find what worked for me.

“Anyone who feels overwhelmed by loss of energy or has been newly diagnosed with MS and is looking for answers, often how to modify their lifestyle would benefit working with Jen.” ~Marji

Client Success Story Mariella

I was diagnosed with RRMS several years ago. Before working with Jen I was struggling with my eating habits, and now that I have received the guidance I was looking for I found that most of the food I was eating was inflammatory which is not good for MS.

I now feel less bloated, I lost approximately 8 pounds and 2 dress sizes and I am experiencing a bit more energy after changing my diet and adding supplements.

The breakthroughs I’ve experienced is realizing the right types of foods to eat, supplements to take and self-care is very important.

After working with Jen, I am feeling GREAT and SUCCESSFUL because I’ve applied all the recommendations I received. I feel more and more accomplished as the days go by.

The guidance and support I received in relation to food and my eating habits was of most help to me about Jen’s program The MS Energy Blueprint. The most difficult was stopping the consumption of sugar, but by using the “adding-in method” Jen showed me, I was able to do it!

“I think anyone that is dealing with ANY type of DISEASE where eating habits affect it, would benefit working with Jen.” ~ Mariela

Client Success Story-Rashele

I was diagnosed with Remitting-Relapsing MS on May 29, 2018, Prior to working with Jen I was experiencing lowered energy levels and sticking to eating well after a bad MRI, showing new lesions on my brain.

My energy has improved a bit, but would have been much better if I don’t keep falling off track a bit.  It’s hard to say no to good food.

Jen’s program The MS Energy Blueprint is pretty awesome and offers way more than I ever expected.

Now, I feel better and more prepared to continue on with all the great resources I got from Jen. The most helpful about the program was to talk it all out and have the resources to refer back to.

“For those wanting more knowledge about controlling their MS better would benefit from Jen’s program.” ~Rashele




Client Success Story – Kristine L.


Before working with Jen, I was struggling with taking good care of myself – the food that I ate, the negative thoughts about myself when I wasn’t at my best or didn’t make the right choices.

I enrolled in the Intensive Coaching Package and since working with Jen, I have made significant improvement in my diet – being more mindful of what I eat and how it makes me feel. I have also been able to change my thought process and focus on positive self-talk.

The breakthroughs I’ve experienced and what really struck me is the power of being mindful of things and being in the present moment. Keeping a journal and writing things down has helped me more than I ever thought possible.

Now I’m feeling much better and more hopeful about the future. I feel like I am taking back control of my health and life.

What was most helpful about Jen’s coaching program is the various resources available and I found them very helpful. There were many things I learned that I had not come across when doing my own research. Also, having someone to listen, offer suggestions and check-in on me was most beneficial. Having an accountability partner really helped me up-level my health and wellness journey.

I think anyone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or other auto-immune disorders would benefit greatly from this program.

There are so many resources on the Internet, but it can be so overwhelming that it is easy to give up. This program helped me to focus on specific areas and take one step at a time so I didn’t get discouraged.

Thank you so much Jen for being a part of my health and wellness journey!


Kristine L.

Client Success Story – Rachel F.

My primary goal was to increase general health and well-being after MS relapse. I successfully did that working with Jen as I increased my energy levels through proper nutritional changes, prioritizing myself, increasing exercise and movement. With Jen’s support I completely turned my health and life around!

My secondary goal was to improve self-care. Through Jen’s program I began making myself a priority and putting myself 1st. I did this through delegating tasks at home and spending more quality time with friends and family. I began to love myself unconditionally. I also began yoga, meditation and journaling.

Additional goals I had were to increase quality of sleep. Jen taught me how to quiet my mind using herbal teas, journaling, reading and therefore; I began to wake up feeling refreshed.

With MS I have a lot of pain – Jen showed me that increased movement/exercise/stretching lowers pain levels.

The Fatigued to Fabulous Coaching program showed me that changing my mindset and telling myself that I am worth it and that I CAN do it, and I deserve it, I started achieving and accomplishing various goals.

Jen made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She encouraged me to try new things and remain focused on my goals. Each session with Jen helped me to focus on my goals and address my main concerns. I would explain what I had been doing and I was always encouraged to try new things to help. I found each session and topic we covered challenging at first, but not overwhelmed and I always felt well supported.

Jen and I touched on a large range of areas and identified parts that I could improve on. All areas were connected, so realizing I could improve one thing meant the next area had already begun. Jen is a miracle worker.

With Jen’s guidance, I began focusing on much deeper feelings and emotions that made me feel excited for things to come. I haven’t stopped looking forward and I’m excited about my future and continuous self-improvement, as I have learned how to manage my MS symptoms naturally!

I’m located in Australia, Jen and I would video conference fortnightly and then monthly. Jen was always available to me via email or Facebook messenger for advice when I needed her. I truly appreciated that.

I highly recommend working with Jen.  She is fabulous at what she does and if it weren’t for Jen, The MS Wellness Coach, I would be stuck feeling like I was with chronic fatigue, overall feeling awful and the brain fog was terrible.

I have greatly reduced my MS symptoms, thanks to Jen. ~Rachel F.


Client Success Story Jack B.

For many years I’ve been struggling to eat more healthy to support the crazy and challenging sport hobbies I have. Got caught in a cycle of trying every new diet style or supplements that popped onto the Internet thinking it was my secret weapon. I would start a new program expecting a short cut to fitness, then wow look a new program. It was an endless cycle all along ignoring the basics of real foods.

A near death experience in April 2019 really brought to light for me to find a sound and sustainable eating pattern that would be healthy and healing for my body and mind. That is when I decided to work with Jen.

The breakthroughs I experienced was finally breaking free of my Rockstar drink addiction and roller coaster ride of energy that was my daily habit for ten + years  to get through my day.  Since I’ve been working with Jen I have eliminated many other sugar fixes that was part of my daily to make it through the day.

Jen showed me that meal prepping and cooking more healthy, homemade meals is the best way to healing my body vs. buying fast food.

How do I feel now? It’s a different feeling these days at times I do miss the wild roller coaster ride of energy I used to self-induce. It has taken some time to adjust to a lower but steady state of energy and getting easier to depend on this new lower level but steady level of energy. Better food choices IS increasing my steady energy levels. I’ve also lost a couple of notches in my belt too, which is an added bonus.

Through the Fatigued to Fabulous program I learned that connecting the mind + body and documenting my eating and journaling my daily activities and thoughts really help me drill down into what my body is telling me and now I’m listening to it, which I’ve not done before. What a powerful tool!

Jen’s knowledge of plant-based foods, herbs, spices and the healing properties they contain in helping my body heal and allowing me to get back to my crazy sport hobbies was most helpful about Jen’s program. I felt comfortable in our sessions and was able to open up and share my history of bad choices I have made in my past.

Jen really cares about her client’s, she always checked in and answered questions I had along the way in-between sessions.  She helped with food choices in regards to my health conditions – Kidney Disease Stage 4 and past Gout issues and respecting my Doctor’s advice for my medical healing.  Jen’s support was very encouraging in the changes I was making from session to session.

Anyone seriously looking for help in improving their health and wellness and ready to take back control of their health back would greatly benefit from Jen’s program. ~Jack B.



Client Success Story – Cyndi C.


For many years I’ve been struggling with motivation and weight loss. I have many health challenges – one of which I was recently diagnosed with Remitting-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. When I saw Jen’s coaching programs, I decided it was time to get help.

My first goal was to lose weight – during the course of working with Jen I have lost weight. I still have a long way to go but, I know that I can continue losing now that I have the tools to do it.

My second goal – was to stop eating when bored or stressed. Jen showed me how to connect with my body and listen to what it’s telling me. Through this process I have attained 95% of my goal.

Third goal – was to change mind mindset, self-doubt and negative thinking. Getting the negative words from my childhood out of my head has been a process and I will continue to work on it for my health and well-being.  Jen showed me how to accomplish this and now I feel I have been equipped to finally do this for me. I am now motivated and feel worthy of being happy.

Jen made me feel safe, connected and focused on and during my sessions and was always focused on my main concern. I always felt heard and understood. Jen took me deep into other areas affected by my challenges and made me realize that when one area is out of balance, it affects other areas of my life. Through this was able to access a deep vision and feeling engaged and excited to work on those areas for me. I am now motivated and able to see myself moving forward and taking the steps towards changing my life for the better!

What was most helpful about her program was knowing that she was always there for me and available when I had questions, along with all the useful information and blueprints to refer back to.

Anyone lacking motivation and feeling like they don’t have a support system would most benefit from Jen’s Fatigued to Fabulous program. ~Cyndi C.




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