Wellness 360 – A Proven, Powerful Holistic System

Wellness 360 is a holistic philosophy that Suzanne Monroe (my mentor and teacher) through IAWP created and the system shows others how to take into account all areas of their well-being and understand the inter-connection between them.  It’s been amazing to see the results that people have achieved and how they’ve changed their lives.

Wellness 360 is indeed a holistic philosophy that supports the integration of all areas of your well-being. But it’s not just one-dimensional. It’s actually a three dimensional, layered system that supports the whole person. Each layer of Wellness 360 can be used to change your health and life on different levels. Going beyond just your external health, Wellness 360 takes you to the inner layers of yourself and can help you define and evolve your whole being.

On the first layer – the physical, external layer, Wellness 360 continues to provide a holistic framework for balancing your life  in the 12 elements of life we originally created.

On the second layer – the internal, inner layer, Wellness 360 goes to the next level by integrating both the external and internal. You are not just a physical body, you have an internal world that plays a huge role with our own health. What’s happening on the inside is often as important as what is happening on the outside.

And finally, on the third layer – the symbolic, more “energetic” layer or that hidden layer you can’t see – Wellness 360 provides greater meaning to the areas of our life that are out of balance and provides a deeper understanding of your individual journey.

Each of these layers and concepts will make more sense as you journey through your health and wellness journey working with me as your coach. Depending on your own personal journey, you will be drawn to various elements of the Wellness 360 Wheel. You may choose to work on one specific element across multiple layers, for example Rest or Food or Body. Or you may choose to work on all elements on the first layer, working your way to other layers over time. Or you may decide to dive into all elements on all layers simultaneously. There is no one right way to experience Wellness 360. It’s a customized, personal system designed to help you evolve on your health and wellness journey.

What I want you to take away with you right now is that what you’ll learn working with me is something that is not being taught anywhere else in the wellness field. Wellness 360 is truly a paradigm shift in health and wellness and how we understand ourselves as human beings. It is a completely unique system to the IAWP (school I studied and got my certification) based on real evidence from people like you, student coaches and their clients across the world. I’m so excited to present to you this powerful system that I know has changed many lives and I know it will impact yours too!

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